Insertion and Impact on Region

When installed a Long Distance Path between Alcoutim and Cabo de São Vicente, we provided to the region an important infrastructure that integrates and improves the network of footpaths trans-european, contributing to attract to the region walkers interested in the practice of hiking. Their role in structuring and linking  existing footpaths or marking the territory also allows greater visibility to this offer.

The route is based on the recognition, promotion and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage that exists along the Via Algarviana, we will also be contributing to the enhancement of the image that local people have on their residential areas (about their activities, architecture, fauna and flora) and increase its use on a sustained and positive contributions to the local economy.

The focus of the project on tourism manifests itself on two levels: as a product specific to the region that attracts those who are interested in walking and know the authenticity of the territory, where are still preserved their own natural and cultural values; and / or as one tourism product that the Algarve has to offer in the context of diversification and complementarity with other areas of existing offers. The Via Algarviana as a Long Distance Path and in addition to small routes that intersects along its path, allow us to answer to both levels. By one hand contribute to the complementarity of the offer on the other establish itself as a product with a specific target.


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