The Birth of the project

Walking and nature observation in the Algarve have been the main developed activities by Almargem, since its founding in 1988. All around the Algarve, this association has promoted walks, thematic tours, flora and fauna inventory, cultural heritage recognition, this has given Almargem better knowledge of the Algarve.

In 1995, in a partnership with the Algarve Walkers, preparation for a walking tour around the Algarve started in order to promote the countryside of the region and to encourage the demand for this sort of activities. With all the information gathered at the time by these organizations, as well as the information published by the Caminus Association about the Mozarabic trail (footpath used by religious pilgrims between Mértola and Cape St. Vincent) design works of Via Algarviana started and it became a development project.

April 2002, Almargem applied for INTERREG III-A, aiming at the implementation of Via Algarviana, that later was not validated.  In 2004, after the failure of INTERREG III-A, work started to be done in order to apply for PROALGARVE, Axe 2 – Measure 1, being accepted in April 2006 with Almargem as a promoter.


Some important phases:

  • In 1998, several contacts with the Portuguese and Spanish walking federations were established in order to set an agreement for the connection of Via Algarviana to a trans-european route that would go through Spain (E4).
  • In 2001, taking the opportunity on the 2nd National Walking Conference promoted by Almargem, and together with the Algarve Walkers, a symbolic opening of a branch of Via Algarviana was held, between Alte and S. Bartolomeu de Messines.

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