Foreseen Events

Permanent marking design and path installation.

Checking of previous marking, path signalling; local promotional and awareness campaigns; data collection; creation of material about regions that are crossed by the path; supervising of signalling equipment installation.

Signalling equipment implementation and installation.

Construction, ensambling and installation of signalling equipment, including big and medium size panels, direction signs and poles;

Technical Evaluation of the Path

Technical checking of the path, signalling and complementary equipment installed.

Brand Image

Definition of the project’s image, including the logo, use standards and registration;

Creation and writing of final contents

Co-ordinated writing of final version of contents to be inserted in several information and promotional formats of Via Algarviana;


Public Promotion and diffusion about Via Algarviana translated into a foreign language in order to strengthen the importance of this project as a touristic product with potential in the european market of ecotourism.  It includes translations into English and German.

Institutional Publishing

The creation of a pamphlet and Via Alagarviana’s guide containing all the information about the path (map and images), the region where it passes, the existing cultural and natural heritage, the support facilities, the local accommodation and restaurants, etc.


Creation of Via Algarviana’s official website, comprising all the information about the path and several material from the Guide that is still under construction;

First Seminar

The organization of a seminar in order to promote the first phase of the Via Algarviana project and to make institutions, directly or indirectly involved in its implementation, aware of the benefits of this project.

Walking Regional Meeting

Regional event about walking, where several seminars, thematic workshops and a walking tour on Via Algarviana are going to take place.

Promotional Strategy

Internal and external promotion of the Via Algarviana, including the creation of material, radio spots, newspaper advertisement, electronic bulletins, participation in events, etc.


Via Algarviana Official Opening, with the participation of the project partners, collaborators, regional economic agents and the media. This shall be an important opportunity for the public promotion of Via Algarviana and its future projection.


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