What is Via Algarviana?

This Project was started in 1995, as a result of an Exchange of ideas and the joint effort of Via Algarviana and the Algarve Walkers, aiming at the implementation of a walking path between Lower Guadiana and Cape Saint Vincent, crossing the Algarve’s countryside. This is an extensive itinerary (240km) that will function as the backbone of walking paths of the region, in order to promote other existing paths, as well as to complement the offer in accordance with the choices and abilities of walkers.

Via Algarviana will only be marked on the existing rural and forest paths, trying to pass near natural, cultural, human and landscape special interest places in order to promote and value them in a balanced and sustainable way


Main Goals

The setting out of Via Algarviana tries to attain several objectives connected to the Algarve’s countryside, in areas such as tourism, sports, environmental preservation, rural development, cultural heritage valuing, etc. In general, the main objectives are:

  • To promote walking and other means of ecotourism in the Algarve;
  • To contribute to the diversity of the tourism offer of the region and the struggle against seasonality;
  • To promote and enhance cultural and environmental heritage of the region;
  • To contribute to the consolidation of small economic initiatives of the region, as well as the creation of new ones around the Via Algarviana;
  • To contribute for the diminishing of the desertification phenomena in the countryside and improve the quality of life of its population.
  • Promote a sustainable development of the Algarve countryside.

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