3 videos, 3 different infrastructures. One story. Crossing paths.

Via Algarviana is a complete experience, a way to get to know the Algarve, from the inland to the coast. The Long Distance Path GR13-Via Algarviana, the Short Distance Paths complementary to Via Algarviana and the Connections to Via Algarviana are in highlight, presenting a wide offer ranging different audiences.


GR13 – Via Algarviana. Track this track. | EN


Connections to Via Algarviana. Track this track. | EN

(Learn more about the Connections to Via Algarviana)


Short Distance Paths complementary to Via Algarviana. Track this track. | EN

(Learn more about the Short Distance Paths)


Videos presented on the Via Algarviana’s 12th Anniversary

Via Algarviana celebrated on May 29th the 12th anniversary of its inauguration, and presented three new promotional videos to showcase this territory. This presentation was made throughout the week on Via Algarviana’s social media and website, with the three premieres scheduled for May 25th, 27th and 29th, culminating on its birthday.

The collection of three individual videos weave a single story: Via Algarviana is a complete experience, a way to discover the sparsely populated territories of the Algarve by this network of walking paths, from inland to the coast, and with an offer ranging different audiences.

Each of the videos showcases different kind of walking paths. The Long Distance Path GR13-Via Algarviana, the 12 Short Distance Paths complementary to Via Algarviana and the 9 Connections to Via Algarviana (this video presents two new connections that will soon be implemented) are in highlight. The characters in the videos set out to discover the territory, getting to know the rural villages, the flavors and traditions of the local people, as well as the beauty of the vegetation, birds and other species of fauna, creating a natural and human landscape that everyone will keep a memory of. These memories are shared between the various actors, as they all intersect along the routes.

The videos, developed by the Algarve producer RecapU, were specially designed for promotion by social media and digital channels and well as by Via Algarviana’s institutional partners, appealing to Nature Tourism active holidays, in the Walking and Cycling segments. The videos, each one with a duration less than 2 minutes, are available in two languages, Portuguese and English, in order to reach national and international audiences.

These videos are part of the “Via Algarviana – (Des)envolvendo o Interior do Algarve” project, developed by the Almargem Association, entity that manages Via Algarviana, and funded by Turismo de Portugal in the scope of the “Linha de Apoio à Valorização Turística do Interior” under the “Valorizar” Programme. The audio guide was developed in partnership with the Municipal Councils of Albufeira, Alcoutim, Aljezur, Castro Marim, Lagoa, Lagos, Loulé, Monchique, Portimão, São Brás de Alportel, Silves, Tavira and Vila do Bispo.

Although the summer season is not the most suitable for walking, Almargem aims, with these new promotional materials, to launch these teasers to the public under the motto “It is time to return”. It’s time to dream and to plan the return to the paths of the Via Algarviana. This information aims to promote the kick-off of bookings for the next hiking season, in order to boost the local economy and responsible tourism.


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