Due to the hardness of the route, the choice of the bike to be used is important. It should be as light as possible, but at the same time reliable with equipment with which it is mounted, taking into account the ease of on field maintenance. The incorporation of a front suspension is a necessity, and a total suspension is to consider if that does not mean an excessive weight gain. Ideally a bike for the route planned the bike should have: a rigid frame; front suspension with 100 or more mm of travel and components Shimano LX type or higher; if the applicant does not have a GPS device, Km counter is mandatory.
The accessories that eventually will be mounted on the bike should be as central as possible. Side panniers should be avoided regardless on the front or rear, which will unbalance the bike on technical descents and trialled areas.
It is recommended that the bicycle is thoroughly reviewed for the Via Algarviana, paying particular attention to the following aspects:
– Replace cables and rows of changes and brakes;
– Replace the chain, cassette and chainrings if the chain has not been changed in the last 500 km;
– Replace the handlebar if it is aluminium and if has more than 1 year of use;
– Clean, check and lubricate, or replace if necessary, steering rack, wheel hubs, bottom brackets and pedals;
– Check and correct the commitment of wheels (the spokes) and replace rim tapes that are deteriorated;
– Replace the tires if they present wear. We recommend the use of resistant ply tires for hard floors with stones, the use of straps or anti-hole liquid almost a requirement. It is strongly recommend wheels and tubeless tires.

It is advisable to carry at least the following items:
– 1 tube;
– 1 puncture repair kit;
– 1 tire lever kit;
– 1 chain rivet splitter or similar;
– Coupling links;
– 1 set of keys pocketknife type;
– 1 air pump;
– Chain lubricant;
– 1 piece of metal wire.


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