Day 2 – 58,80 km Vaqueiros to Salir

Technical Information

Starting point: Just outside the village in the Monchique direction
GPS Coordinates of the starting point: 37º22´59.08´´N 7º43´43.99´´O
Extension: 58,88 km
Minimum altitude: 169 m
Maximum altitude: 510 m
Accumulated climb: 2325 m
Accumulated descent: 2317 m
Water available: Yes
Groceries: Yes
Advised Season: September till May although springtime is the most beautiful in terms of flora and weather conditions.

During this day you will ride in the Serra do Caldeirão (Caldeirão Montain), and you will easily realize that, with the climbs and steep downhill slopes that make this one of the most demanding days physically and technically, in both directions, as the accumulated show. The long climb to Parises is one of the toughest, and calls to make one stop after reaching the small village, at one of the cafes, to resume energies. If make the journey in the opposite direction to the recommended, before the arrival at Barranco do Velho you will have an extensive climb that it is also noteworthy. Stop at the ridges to catch your breath and enjoy the panoramic views. Do not forget to take plenty of fluids with you and some energy bars. Your physical condition will be put to the test here, so we advise that you only make this route presented in this way if you are well prepared, otherwise it should be divide it the way that your fitness permits it.

Rest and snack areas along the walk
– Restaurante Retiro dos Caçadores – Rua Padre Júlio Alves de Oliveira – telf. +351 289 844 174 (Open every day)
– Restaurante Charrua – Rua Padre Júlio Alves de Oliveira 44 – telf. +351 918 465 789 (Open every day)
– Snack-bar “Fortes” telf. +351 289 846147 (Open every day) – Has grocery
– Snack-bar (D. Zézinha) telf. +351 289 846168 (Open every day)
Barranco do Velho
– Snack-bar Ponto de Encontro telf. +351 289 846 171 (Closed: Saturday)
– Restaurante “Tia Bia” telf. +351 289 846 425 (Open every day)

Casa da Mãe (Turismo Rural) telf. +351 289 489 179 / tlm. +351 967 349 862 /

– Churrasqueira “Papagaio Dourado” telf.+351 289 489 609 (Closed: Wednesday)
– Restaurante “Porto Doce” telf. +351 289 489 763 (Closed: Sunday)

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