Is possible to do the Via Algarviana riding in a bicycle in more than 90%, depending on the capabilities of cyclists, it can be traversed in its entirety in a few days, however it is recommended to perform the route for at least five days. Overall, this route is very demanding physically and technically, so that whosoever will go in the mountain bike modality should have a good physical preparation. Although the route is completely signposted, we recommend all the MTB users to use the GPS and to download the coordinates in the website.

Below is shown the planning for a 5 days path, with the respective technical information, please note that all the features are displayed in the recommended direction, from Alcoutim to Cape St Vincent, and should take into account the cumulative ascent and descent in case you decide to make the route in the opposite recommended direction do not forget that the value of these factors are reversed, so the difficulty of the sectors sometimes change depending on the direction in which its being held.

It is advised to read carefully the descriptions of the sectors that are on the tab of the pedestrian modality, in order for you to plan better your trip!
In spite of its requirement, it is worth riding the Via Algarviana in mountain biking, this is undoubtedly a challenge that will mark you!

Prepare the bicycle and good trip!



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