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If you are planning to travel the Via Algarviana soon, this information is for you!

COVID-19: Stay informed! 

The Portuguese Government has set up a Lockdown Easing Plan, crossing several scientific criteria. The plan is divided into four stages with a two-week interval between each stage, to be able to assess the impact of the measures on the pandemic’s evolution.


Read this useful information if you are planning to travel in Portugal soon, during the pandemic, provided by the Portugal Tourism.


Since April 5th, the exercise outdoors is allowed, up to 4 people.


Please, read also this information carefully:

Lockdown Easing Plan: Schedule and Rules

Lockdown Easing FAQ’s

Portugal Tourism FAQ

Recomendations FCMP (Federação de Campismo e Montanhismo de Portugal) – only in Portuguese


In these times we are currently living in, with the COVID-19 pandemic, keep in mind that the return to normality is gradual, so there are 6 important rules to consider:

If this is your first time in Long Distance Path, before packing and getting on the way, read these 5 essential informations on how to plan your trip:

Did you know that summer might not be the best time to visit GR13 – Via Algarviana? Find out why with these 5 alerts:

Now that you have read this information, read carefully the Via Algarviana Guide to finish packing.

Are you ready for this experience?


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