Barranco do Velho – Salir (14,9 Km)

Technical Information

Starting point: On the N2 road that goes towards Cortelha, next to the information panel

GPS Coordinates of the starting point: 37º14´27.96´´N 7º56´23.29´´O

Extension: 14,9 km

Difficulty level (Recommended direction): II – Easy
ATTENTION: The degree of difficulty of this sector increases when made opposite to the recommended direction.

Duration: 5 h

Minimum altitude: 169 m

Maximum altitude: 510 m (Eira de agosto)

Accumulated climb: 269 m

Accumulated descent: 526m

Water available: In the beginning and in the end

Groceries: In the beginning and in the end

Advised Season: September till May although springtime is recommended for its floristic beauty and weather conditions. In times of heavy rain be careful when crossing the Rio Seco river.

Cartography: Trail map in the Portuguese Military Maps Nos.588, 589, 597 and 598, from the Geographic Institute of the Army, with a scale of 1:25000.

Attention: In this setor exists bee-hives beside the path, be careful!

Route Description
This section starts initially in a relatively flat area, passing along the Eira de agosto’s windmill, where you can enjoy a panoramic view over the mountains and until the coastline. This is one of those places that appeal you to have a break and enjoy the view and to take a deep breath! It’s worth a shot at this location for later memory…
After descend until Carrascalinho, until a very attractive and wooded ravine, continues to walk in the Serra do Caldeirão, passing through dense cork oak forests and rich Mediterranean undergrowth, where there are many Strawberry trees, heathers and Portuguese lavender.
The Rio Seco stream states the beginning of the Algarve’s barrocal, where the landscape changes into largely agricultural land. Going along walled paths and past small scattered houses, we reach Salir, the main population centre of the area and Loule’s largest “freguesia”.
Salir is located in the Algarve’s “Beira Serra” (the transition from the Barrocal to the Serra) and establishes the connection between the Alentejo and the Algarve. It is an agricultural and forestry based “freguesia”, containing an invaluable historical and natural patrimony, and an outstanding landscape. The village’s origin is lost in time, but there is a theory that it was inhabited by the Celts.
Salir is also synonymous of mysticism, where the Moorish legends have endured throughout the ages… Dare to know the Legend of Moura Encantada, the Belt of Moura or Comb of Gold. May be just legends, but as the words of the poet António Aleixo say “To be safe the lie / And reach depth, / has to bring to the mix / Anything really.” The legends of Salir are a piece of these people and part of their cultural heritage.
This is also one of the best section for lovers of orchids in the spring, when they are in flowering, if you are careful you can see some species without great difficulty.
In this section also exists the Connection 2 which links Via Algarviana to the train station of Loulé. There you can make a detour to visit the Querença village, one of the most typical villages of the Algarve, where beyond the traditional houses, the hiker can find accommodation, restaurants, a museum and a production of liqueurs.

Map Sector 6


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