Vaqueiros – Cachopo (14,8 km)

Technical Information

Starting point: Exit of the village towards Monchique

GPS Coordinates of the starting point: 37º22´59.08´´N 7º43´43.99´´W

Extension: 14,88 km

Difficulty level (Recommended direction): III – Somewhat Difficult

Duration: 4 h

Minimum altitude: 236 m

Maximum altitude: 411 m

Accumulated climb: 543 m

Accumulated descent: 410 m

Water available: Yes

Groceries: In the beginning and the end

Advised Season: September till May although springtime is recommended for its floristic beauty and weather conditions.

Cartography: Trail map in the Portuguese Military Maps Nos.581 and 582, from the Geographic Institute of the Army, with a scale of 1:25000.

Route Description
The 4th section of Via Algarviana starts at Vaqueiros. After crossing the village, the track takes the hiker southwest, allowing a view of small traditional kitchen-gardens, bordered by old stone walls and streams. Along the route the scenery is dominated by dense areas of Cistus (Cistus sp.) and occasional Stone Pine plantations, locally known as “projects” as the owners received funding for its implementation. The terrain is steep and rich in natural sightseeing spots.
On this journey, the hiker will pass by some small and appealing groups of houses like Monchique, Amoreira, Casas Baixas and, finally, Cachopo. In all of these the hiker can view small working farms, typical water- wheel wells, and traditional houses with stone walls or hedges and ditches bordering the paths.
The congeniality of the local people gives a particular charm to these places where rural traditions are still present. Yards and kitchen-gardens are well cared for, and the relationship with nature is very harmonious. The architectural heritage shows some interesting features, such as fountains, wells, water-wheels, threshing floors and several architectural details from the distant past.
At Casas Baixas, the hiker can find accommodation at the old restored primary school, where it is possible to rest and spend the night.
The journey to Cachopo is very pleasant, passing a dense cork oak forest, filled with great natural beauty.
Cachopo is the main center of population. Here, houses are of traditional construction and the Santo Estêvão church, located in the village center, is a well-known attraction for pilgrims.

Map Sector 4


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