The exhibition “Via Algarviana – Um Elogio à Natureza: The Traditional Handicrafts”, developed within the scope of the project “Via Algarviana – Um Elogio à Natureza”, is one of the results of this application to the Environmental Fund, included in the “Educarte: Educar para o Território” in the National Environmental Education Strategy 2020 program.


More than a Long Distance Path, Via Algarviana is a journey through the culture and unique heritage of the Algarve. In this exhibition, explore the tradition and the arts and crafts ofthese sparsely populated areas: Alcoutim, Aljezur, CastroMarim, Monchique and Vila do Bispo.


Each panel presents each of the 5 municipalities. A description and an object illustrating the craft/technique associated with the location is presented in each panel, as well as an illustration of the routes on the Via Algarviana in each municipality. The first panel is an introduction to the exhibition.


This exhibition is available for requisition by schools, municipalities, museums, associations and other institutions that, for this purpose, request it.


The exhibition requisition requests are formalized using the following form:

Request Form (in Portuguese)


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